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About Ultra Magic Cleaning

Why will you choose our services?

Choose us for our unwavering commitment to quality and eco-conscious practices.

Our experienced team goes the extra mile to deliver a spotless, healthy environment.

We offer convenience, peace of mind, and a cleaner, more vibrant space for you to enjoy. Elevate your surroundings with our trusted cleaning services.

Our dedication to our community

Our commitment to our community is unwavering. We actively participate in initiatives that uplift and support those around us. Volunteering at the senior community center in Burnaby is one of the ways we give back, ensuring a clean and safe environment for our elders to enjoy. Additionally, our sponsorship of Yara Charity (https://yaaraa.org) reflects our dedication to making a difference in the lives of those in need. As members of the Vancouver businesswomen community, we not only seek to thrive in our endevors but also to contribute positively to the collective growth and welfare of our community.

Fetaured service

The best service we have provided.

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